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Under the Baobab Tree / Re: To Patty cake
« Last post by The Chairman on Today at 12:51 AM »
pattycake mo nice than mumtaz
Under the Baobab Tree / Re: hey I'm in the states
« Last post by The Chairman on Today at 12:49 AM »
enjoy your trip
Under the Baobab Tree / hey I'm in the states
« Last post by Artemis on Today at 12:24 AM »
Coming back on the 4th of nov
"If you were running your own shop, would you want your employees doing some s*** like that to you?"

I will simplify 20 years of post-neoclassical economic theory for you....

1. All money is issued as debt at interest
2. All this money originates via a convoluted and immoral process involving government bonds and private central banking cartels
3. The end result of this process is that there is always less money in circulation in the system than is owed to the system.
4. In aggregate, debts are thus unpayable and must exponentially increase.
5. To get out of debt, individual human beings must borrow more money (which merely amplifies the problem) or profit off of others.
6. Therefore, for any individual in the system to be out of debt, someone must be in proportional debt. In other words, every dollar out of debt you are, is a violent act against someone else in the system.
7. The above points lead rapidly to bankrupcy, poverty, the pooling of wealth and the crashing of the system. If our system only had 10 people, 2 would own all the wealth and everyone would be broke within a single business cycle. Do the math. Model it yourself.
8. Every economist who models the statistical mechianics of money, from
Peter Victor to Tim Jackson to Adrian Dragulescu to Victor Yakovenko, will show you how their computer models reveal money to be, at any fixed point in time, always zero sum. Their simulations always collapse when time is fast-forwarded.
9. But time is not fixed, the money supply inflates and our system does not collapse.
10. To halt systemic collapse, several things must happen: an exponential increase in production and consumption (and so an exponential increase in global energy requirements and so global resource depletion and so global temperature rises - all unsustainable), an expansion of markets, an increase in poverty (slave labour, unpaid workforces etc), the lowering of wages, the cutting of jobs, the weakening of the local currency (via the inflating money supply), an ever increasing global population upon whom to shunt debt down upon (and the shunting of debt onto future generations as well), mass war, famine, "value" destruction, bankrupcy, bailouts (with more fictional money, again merely prolonging the problem) and a defaulting on owed payments.

Given that money literally makes NO DAMN SENSE (the Latin root of the word "credit" is "faith" or "to belief" - it's a kind of dumb magic), and merely using it exerts pressures and violence on others, what are we to make of your question?

Given that business itself literally makes no sense (the employees as a group INHERENTLY CAN NEVER make enough money to buy back all the products they produce, leading to their being fired and their own company inexorably going bankrupt), what are we to make of your question?

Morality is a social construct. The whole social system in which the employee and employer conduct their transactions is predicated upon immorality. Therefore, society tells us it is not immoral for an employee to steal from an employer. The CONSISTENT thing to do is to rob and kill your employer. Anything else is hypocrisy.

So kill your boss, rob your neighbour and eat your baby. Everyone else doing it. And remember, try not to confine your violence to the present. Bankrupting and abusing your unborn kids, grandkids and great-grandkids is the way to go.

Under the Baobab Tree / Re: Are Men Women's Nurturer?
« Last post by TRINIDADDY on Yesterday at 11:35 PM »
My point is, it is silly to assign gender roles to a species which is now able to reject both sex and gender. The future is fluid, and all traditional gender roles will increasingly overlap.
Okay, so we got blacks stabbing each other in the back in the workplace, just as we have blacks stabbing each other in the back in Africa and the NOI stabbed black women and Malcolm X in the back. Okay, now what does the white man have to do with that? Map like to rant about whites not liking blacks everyday, so what does the white man have to do with the traditional pompous backstabbing amongst blacks?
So Trinidaddy,

Going by your theory, that everyone should rob and steal from their boss, with business struggling to begin with and the high cost involved with running a business, how does thieving employees help business to flourish? How does it strengthen an economy?
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