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Oil-sands town in Canada is on fire and looks apocalyptic

THE PITCH / Jermaine Lawson hat-trick
« Last post by dillinger10 on Today at 01:41 AM »
On this day in 2003, Jermaine Lawson became the fourth West Indian to take a Test match hat-trick joining Hall, Gibbs and Walsh. After picking up the wickets of Brett Lee and Stuart MacGill in the first innings, Lawson struck with his very first ball of the second innings when he trapped Justin Langer lbw.

Is he still playing for the USA these days?
THE PITCH / Re: IPL 2016: Part II
« Last post by dillinger10 on Today at 01:35 AM »
It was nice to hear Sammy's dulcet tones in the commentary box with Pommie and Ramiz Raja during the Kolkata Knight Riders/Kings XI match. Soft spoken as ever and judging by his Twitter feed, he enjoyed every minute of it. I recall him commentating during the CPL last year after he fractured his hand. Maybe that is where his future lies someday.

THE PITCH / Re: Best goes wicket-less but helps tail wag
« Last post by dillinger10 on Today at 01:30 AM »
Tino sat down for an interview with Cricbuzz this week in which he expressed a desire to move into coaching after his playing days are over:

Best was recognised as one of the better talents in the country, bowling at a good pace but he received no coaching until he played his first Test match in 2003 at Bridgetown against Australia. Yet, he managed to produce noteworthy performances, albeit erratically. "Everyone would say, 'Tino, you're fast and erratic,' but I was never coached. 'You can bowl at 95 miles an hour, let me just throw you into international cricket' that's how the Caribbean is...just raw talent. I figured out that if I had my action in order, I would've done a lot better."

"One of my aspirations is to be a strength and conditioning fast bowling coach," he cooed. "I have so much knowledge that has been passed on to me from people like Wayne Daniel, Wes Hall, Brett Lee, Shoaib Akhtar and a lot of great cricketers, who have passed on their knowledge of fast bowling. I'd like to be able to share that with kids and also because I love training.

"People often ask me, 'Tino, you're nearly 35 and you're still bowling at 145 kmph, what is it for you?' It's just the desire. I just want to let kids understand that fast bowling is one of the greatest adrenaline rushes ever. You have to have the desire to do anything in life, but I believe that bowling fast is something special. Everyone always say, 'fast bowlers are nutters, fast bowlers are crazy', but you got to have a little bit of madness. On the field, I'm really wired in, off it, I'm really chilled. You cannot be a friendly fast bowler; you have to be aggressive and mean. That's the funny part of being a cricketer for me - the Jerkyll & Hyde theory," he chuckled.
Daniel Bell-Drummond is off to a fast start this year with a century, double century and two scores of 80+ to his name. He is currently averaging a gaudy 168 in 5 innings - albeit in Division Two.

He is still very young, and though touted as one for the future, if he continues at this rate, he may well end up forcing himself into the conversation by the end of the year, especially if Hales struggles against Sri Lanka.

Cook is off to a blistering start to the season with three centuries to date and an average of 130.

There seems to be a growing contention that James Vince will take James Taylor's place in the side. Rather interestingly, Nasser, Athers and Paul Allott feel that England should play both Bairstow and Buttler with the latter being given the gloves.
THE PITCH / Re: Best goes wicket-less but helps tail wag
« Last post by dillinger10 on Today at 01:16 AM »
Tino did pick up in a wicket in the second innings on his Hampshire debut, finishing with match figures of 1-111. Given that, Chris Wood re-injured himself again, I would imagine Tino's run in the side will undoubtedly continue.
Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 13 percentage points nationally, according to a CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday.

As both candidates look ahead to a November showdown, Clinton has a 54% to 41% advantage over Trump in a hypothetical matchup — her largest lead over Trump since July, according to the poll.

Voters trust Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, more than Trump, the Republicans' presumptive nominee, on almost every issue surveyed in the poll, including terrorism and immigration.

They trust Clinton more than Trump to handle health care, foreign police, education, the income gap and climate change by margins of 15 points or more, the survey finds.
 Roger Knight, the president of MCC, has told club members during the AGM at Lord's that Test cricket has "become London-centric" and "the time has come to pay attention to that fact".

Knight's comments come amid fears that Lord's could be forced to relinquish its privileged status of hosting two Tests a year, due to the likelihood that fewer Tests will be staged when the ECB re-negotiates its TV rights packages from 2019.

Drawing upon recent statistics, Knight told his audience of 600 members during the president's address that attendances at Tests held outside London in May during the past three seasons had attracted fewer than 110,000 spectators - 32% of the figure for Lord's.

Several non-London venues have struggled in recent years to sell tickets for Test cricket. In 2012, Cardiff relinquished the right to host West Indies in the first Test of that summer, with Lord's taking the contest instead. The crowd for that match, Knight added, ended up being higher than the other two grounds for the three-Test series, Trent Bridge and Edgbaston, added together.

Durham, who host the second match of the forthcoming Sri Lanka tour, are not expected to bid for any more Tests in the near future following their failure to sell out the fourth day of their Ashes-sealing Test in 2013. In recent seasons even Headingley, where the Test summer will begin on May 19, has struggled to live up to Yorkshire's traditional support for the format.
Seems like trump is the MVP we deserve :(
« Last post by Lavos on Yesterday at 08:29 PM »
What a wave of relentless violence. One can't never be prepared enough for this, unless you live paranoid for the rest of life. Such a great tragedy. Which business did these wretched human scum have with a child anyway?
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