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Music and Video / Re: Concerts
« Last post by dillinger10 on Today at 12:28 PM »

The Cool Ruler in his prime performing at the Brixton Academy. He has the ladies in the palm of his hand the entire night - none more so evident than during Night Nurse when he has them shrieking and fighting among themselves while tossing a basket full of roses in their direction.
UNDER THE BAOBAB TREE / Re: How the U.S. and Israel Can Move Forward
« Last post by ketchim on Today at 12:26 PM »
Cause the Israeli lobby controls 2/3rds of the US.

hahaha : You're 1/3 short control it is .

USA is a Christian crusader puppet state of Zion  ;)
UNDER THE BAOBAB TREE / Re: Best Guyanese forum?
« Last post by ketchim on Today at 12:25 PM »
During a meeting he held with the residents on Sunday last, the release said, Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson told them that they will be the owners of the new properties.

I got friends there with Chicken pens of 300 each !!

hope they are careful with relocating those young Chicks   ;)
OZ will probably pull a 22 yard "FIX"  to negate our 90+ Pace men   >:(

Gabriel Taylor and Roach 
Watch a real 90+ mph Gabriel !   8)

Dunt mader hu day chuz:  gunna be 1980s in revers.    :'( :'( :'(
THE PITCH / Re: Sean Abbott reprimanded for Code of Behaviour breach
« Last post by ketchim on Today at 12:09 PM »
darn : he is not in contention for a Test spot !  ;)
De 2 Mitchells went into hiding for various reasons.

These mediocre replacements will get some serious lixxx....
THE PITCH / Re: Chris Jordan, take a bow
« Last post by ketchim on Today at 12:06 PM »
Instead of a Bow , CJ would like a central contract   ;)
THE PITCH / Re: Chris Jordan, take a bow
« Last post by dillinger10 on Today at 12:01 PM »
Hopefully this video link should work.

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  • SCA: Don't know why we can't engage in cyber-hospitality...imagine a samll microcosm of primarily Guyanese can't get along, but we are ready to solve the world's problems...LOL
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  • SCA: LOL...well...they say keep doing the best you can... and hope that all falls into place.
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  • SCA: Top of the morning....rainy soggy NY...beautiful in more ways than one can imagine possible.
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  • SCA: Unlike you I don't pander to anyone...after all I am me....LOL
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  • SCA: Mes abuse who, for what? You must be jo-king....
    Yesterday at 05:19 PM
  • ketchim: Mes gonna buze yuh ...again !!  lol
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  • SCA: Mes taking a well deserved break from the box...she says it is like a penalty box now....LOL
    Yesterday at 03:50 PM
  • The Chairman: where is she
    Yesterday at 03:43 PM
  • ketchim: Mes having turkey Soup ????
    Yesterday at 03:32 PM
  • ketchim: Cheating : see the Pitch
    Yesterday at 03:12 PM
  • Goog Lee: how the pink ball experiment going so far?
    Yesterday at 03:11 PM
  • SCA: Pak sold their balls...LOL
    Yesterday at 03:10 PM
  • ketchim: nah Pink ...
    Yesterday at 03:10 PM
  • ketchim: Big Ball will determine de winner !  ::LOL::
    Yesterday at 03:08 PM
  • Goog Lee: pure balls all around!
    Yesterday at 03:07 PM
  • Goog Lee: chair/sca playing with balls.  Pak vs Poms playing with balls....
    Yesterday at 03:06 PM
  • ketchim: dillinger busy to start the wagon : it is 8 pm in England
    Yesterday at 03:06 PM
  • SCA: Pak vs. Pommies 20/20...match tied...Pak lost in bowl off...
    Yesterday at 03:05 PM
  • ketchim: Chair bigger balls beat up SCA likkel marbles LOL
    Yesterday at 03:05 PM
  • ketchim: pocket billiards between SCA and Chair !
    Yesterday at 03:05 PM
  • Goog Lee: whose game ova?
    Yesterday at 03:04 PM
  • SCA: Game Ova??? If Afridi bowling we can safely say is Pak....and if Jordan bowling we can safely say Pommies.
    Yesterday at 03:01 PM
  • ketchim: guess dillinger busy ... :P
    Yesterday at 03:00 PM

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