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  • There is no unity in the region

    The days of WI having a top rated cricket Team are over, Because there is no unity in the region, and the world is not as it was 25 years ago. What worked long ago cannot work now. The records will show that all the islands are now independent and are always fighting against each other. If a Business is not well organized and the employees are not motivated, It will never be prosperous.


  • Mock Interview 2

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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) -- A name change is coming for the West Indies Cricket Board as the beleaguered organisation looks to restructure its operations and create a distinct commercial arm. The WICB will be renamed 'Cricket West Indies' and will focus on the governance aspect of the game while a commercial body which will be revealed in coming months, will address the business affairs of the organisation. President Dave Cameron, speaking in the Cayman Islands last weekend, said this was one of the key strategic changes being undertaken by the WICB as it sought to improve its administration of the game. "We have resolved to change the name of the WICB and we will be called Cricket West Indies," Cameron told Cayman Cricket's Annual Awards Dinner in George Town last Saturday. "And why Cricket West Indies? Simply, because everybody seems to believe that the board of directors - the West Indies Cricket Board - is cricket. Cricket is all of us. It's in all of our communities -- in Jamaica, Barbados and in Cayman Islands and the entire region." He added: "We have also created a distinct commercial entity ... we will roll that out in the next couple of months as well, and that is to ensure that we have our brand identity and commercial platform, very distinct from our governance platform. So the governance will be Cricket West Indies and we will have a commercial platform."
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$10 million  each !  ;)
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ST.JOHN’S, Antigua, CMC– Leeward Islands Hurricanes head coach Reginald Benjamin wants their third round match against Windward Islands Volcanoes in t...

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